Albergo Falterona
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It is not easy to discover the village of Stia, hidden among groves and streams, but

"there is nothing sweeter and fresher than the air in this small town on the mountains situated by the spring of rivers that enchant your ear with their gurgle night and day. lt is an Arcadia village that seems to have just emerged from the misty gorges that behind it penetrate into the primeval forest.... There is a high-road that goes down the steep hill widening then to form a square surrounded by porched houses and with a fountain in the middle of fit...." (Ella Noyes 1905).

"Falterona Hotel" overlooks right this antique and charming square of Stia, with its beautiful XV century palace now completely restored thanks to a successful union between antique architecture and modern comfort.
The "Alto Casentino" area is rich in castles, hermitages, monasteries and pure water springs; everything here seems to be mystic and legendaty, in the middle of the wonderful "National Patk of Casentino Forests", with its total nature reserves such as "Sasso Fratino" which can boast the greenest and richest in fauna woods in Tuscany.
The river Arno rises on the slopes of "Falterona Mount" and its waters mix with the ones of the many brooks and small streams which flow down to the valley.
Thanks to this abundance of waters, a project for a thermal centre has been recently started in Stia, thanks in particular to the salutary water of Calcedonia spring, that gush out from about ten taps in the park of the antique "Palagio Fiorentino" only a short way from "Falterona Hotel".
And right in this Hotel, where antique and noble traditions mix perfectly with efficiency and practical qualities, you will find a quiet, nearly friendly welcome, if you are looking for a holiday far from the stressful and frenetic life of the city but at the same time full of all the comforts. In the fifteen spacious rooms, highly elegant with bath, telephone, TV set and mini-bar, the antique furniture and the rich coloured damask tapestries will remind you of old times hotels.
It will be a great pleasure to have your breakfast in the charming back room, or at summer time in the pleasant court decorated with flowers and fulI of Mediterranean colours.
The stiliness of the rooms, the perfect service, the terse modern bathrooms, the lift, the fax service and the games and reading room, the coffee bar and two living rooms, make this Hotel something really "charming" for a perfect relaxing holiday.